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Group Performance

RRP $287.99

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People interact and perform in group settings in all areas of life. Organizations and businesses are increasingly structuring work around groups and teams. Every day, we work in groups such as families, friendship groups, societies and sports teams, to make decisions and plans, solve problems, perform physical tasks, generate creative ideas, and more.

Group Performance outlines the current state of social psychological theories and findings concerning the performance of groups. It explores the basic theories surrounding group interaction and development and investigates how groups affect their members. Bernard A. Nijstad discusses these issues in relation to the many different tasks that groups may perform, including physical tasks, idea generation and brainstorming, decision-making, problem-solving, and making judgments and estimates. Finally, the book closes with an in-depth discussion of teamwork and the context in which groups interact and perform.

Offering an integrated approach, with particular emphasis on the interplay between group members, the group task, interaction processes and context, this book provides a state-of-the-art overview of social psychological theory and research. It will be highly valuable to undergraduates, graduates and researchers in social psychology, organizational behavior and business.

High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis

RRP $802.99

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A complete and up-to-date manual on HPCE theory and practice<br> <br> High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis brings together in one volume essential coverage of the theory, techniques, and applications of this highly useful and efficient technology.<br> <br> Suitable for the novice as well as the experienced user of HPCE, this book features expert contributions from highly respected scientists representing a wide range of disciplines. Chapters, which are grouped into sections to make information easy to find, cover:<br> * Theory and principles of the six HPCE techniques<br> * Detection systems, including indirect detection<br> * Essential operation topics such as sample introduction and stacking, coated capillaries, and method validation<br> * Recently developed methods, including two-dimensional separations, nonaqueous CE, and HPCE on microchips<br> * All of the basic HPCE applications, with an emphasis on bioanalytical uses<br> * HPCE in the determination of physico-chemical properties of molecules<br> <br> With features and capabilities that match--and even surpass--those of conventional electrophoresis and HPLC, high performance capillary electrophoresis (HPCE) is the fastest developing technology for the separation and analysis of chemical compounds. Keeping pace with the rapid changes in this field and the wealth of journal articles on the subject is a difficult and time-consuming challenge for anyone needing a basic and up-to-date grasp of HPCE.<br> <br> This book makes it much easier to find this important information--with comprehensive one-source coverage of all of the essential aspects of HPCE theory, techniques, and applications. Featuring the contributions of well-qualified, highly regarded scientists, it is organized into sections on:<br> * Theory and principles of HPCE techniques<br> * Detection systems<br> * Operation aspects and special methods in HPCE<br> * Uses in chemical analysis<br> * Physico-chemical studies<br> <br> Specific topics addressed here that are not treated extensively by other books include two-dimensional separations, CE on microchips, nonaqueous CE, indirect detection, monitoring enzymatic reactions, and more.<br> <br> As interest in HPCE continues to grow, it is clear that this technology has much to offer researchers and others working in disciplines ranging from analytical chemistry and biochemistry to pharmaceutical chemistry and biotechnology. High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis equips scientists and students with the knowledge they need to take immediate advantage of the exciting potential of HPCE.

High Performance Learning

RRP $352.99

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Schools who want to be World Class are now paying attention to the findings from neuro-science and psychology that tell us we can build better brains. They are changing their mindset, expecting success for far more students and are no longer being constrained by ideas of genetic potential.

High Performance Learning provides readers with a ground breaking and approachable model for achieving high levels of academic performance for all students and schools. It takes what is known about how people reach advanced cognitive performance and translates it into a practical and user-friendly framework which can be used to with all students to systematically build the cognitive thinking skills and learner behaviours that will deliver success in school, in the workplace and in later life. Flexible and adaptable, High Performance Learning can be used in any context, with any curriculum and at any age. It does not require separate lessons but rather becomes the underpinning pedagogy of the school.

Drawing on the author's 40 years of research into how the most able students think and learn, this book provides a framework that has been extensively trialled in schools in eleven countries. . Themes include:

Creating World Class Schools

Developing a High Performance Learning Environment

The High Performance Learning Framework

Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics (ACPs)

Building Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs)

Creating and Leading a High Performance Learning School

The Role of Parents, Universities and Employers

This invaluable resource will help schools make the move from good to world class and will be essential reading for school leaders, teachers and those with an interest in outstanding academic performance.

Managing High-tech Services Using A Crm Strategy

RRP $239.99

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As high-tech service industries grow more competitive, the need to develop customer focused business strategies becomes imperative. Managing High-Tech Services Using a CRM Strategy explores how to manage and direct any service organization utilizing a high tech strategy supported by the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) infrastructure, enabling you to gain and retain a competitive edge for your company.

This book highlights issues and problem-solving applications including:

  • The correct business model for service and how it differs from a product oriented model
  • The key factors, elements, and dynamics influencing the success and failure of service organizations
  • Development, implementation, and rollout of a superior service operation on either a standalone basis or in support of a product or manufacturing business
  • The integration of service delivery mechanisms and relevant data on a real-time basis
  • Using CRM databases to measure customer satisfaction and quality
  • Supporting CRM efforts with state-of-the-art wireless technologies
  • Estimating the cost of CRM efforts and measuring the results

    This volume provides a fresh and incisive look at how to successfully manage service businesses. The author shows you how to rethink the basic service business model and the key operational dynamics in order to optimize your service business, both strategically and tactically, generating significantly increased top line revenues and bottom line profitability. A core element of this overall customer strategy is CRM, which gives you the tools, systems, and infrastructure you need to get and stay ahead in today's hyper competitive business environment.

  • Corporate Performance

    RRP $24.99

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    This book presents the comparative evaluation of international and industrial factors affecting the financial condition of enterprises. In the theoretical part, the results of previous research on the occurrence of the country and industry effect in the financial health of companies are reviewed. The aim of the empirical study is to determine such factors - national or industrial ones - that have a greater impact on the corporate performance in the selected European Union countries. Corporate performance is measured and described with the use of a large set of fundamental ratios. Corporate performance is therefore treated as a more complex matter influenced by such aspects as profitability, liquidity, working capital and solvency. The book especially analyses the importance of non-public companies of all sizes, which is also rare as current research focuses mainly on public companies due to the data constraints. ?


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