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Health Care Operations Management

RRP $29.95

Hospitals are large and complex organizations, yet they function largely without sophistication and technology inherent in other large businesses. In a time when well over half of all hospitals report negative operating margins, driving down costs by achieving operational excellence is one of the most important yet overlooked areas. Healthcare operations management is the emerging discipline that integrates quantitative and qualitative aspects of management to determine the most efficient and optimal methods of supporting patient care delivery. Operations management helps hospitals and health systems understand and improve labor productivity, reduce waiting lines, shorten cycle times, and generally improve the patientrs"s overall experience-all of which helps to improve the organizationrs"s financial health. This text provides a well-rounded, comprehensive treaty on all aspects of operations management specific to the healthcare industry. It covers everything from hospital finances to project management, patient flows, performance management, process improvement, and supply chain management. It is written to balance theoretical and practical perspectives, by an author who has served both in senior-level management positions in large health systems, as well as extensive university research on the topic. This is an ideal text for university courses in healthcare management at all levels. It is also an excellent professional reference for healthcare administrators, clinical support managers, and supply chain professionals.


RRP $235.00

Echocardiography:ÿA Case-Based Review complementsÿThe Echo Manual, 3e, with real time echocardiographic examples that illustrate best practices in technique and interpretation. The authors present 100 cases, each designed to bring out salient features of echocardiographic performance, interpretation, and clinical applications. The casebookÿcross-references the Manual for further information.


Theÿbook presents a brief case history with initial findings and still images of the echo.ÿAccompanying the book, is an online companionÿwebsite thatÿoffersÿinteractiveÿquestions and answersÿthat follows the patient's echo clips for proper patient management. Using actual cases, concise answers to the review questions explain key findings in the actual test(s).


The authors lead the trainee through key points inÿdiagnosis or technique, differential diagnoses, caveats, and an online library of the echo for evaluation. Of primary interest to echo trainees and experts are cases dealing with mechanical dyssynchrony, 3D echo, ICC, diastology, and vascular imaging.


Features Include:

  • Case-based approach to learning and refining echo skills
  • Cross references to The Echo Manual, Third Edition
  • Companion website that accompanies the text with text with a question bank, over 950+ echo clips and 500+ questions
  • AVIÿclips of actual echo studies for each of the 100 cases (which includes several studies at various points in the patient's treatment)

Crisis Management In Acute Care Settings 2017

RRP $354.99

This book is unique in providing a comprehensive overview of the human factors issues relevant to patient safety during acute care. By elucidating the principles of human behavior and decision-making in critical situations and identifying frequent sources of human error, it will help healthcare professionals provide safer, more effective treatment when dealing with emergencies characterized by uncertainty, high stakes, time pressure, and stress. The third edition has emerged from an ongoing synergistic relationship between clinicians and behavioral scientists on both sides of the Atlantic to update and enhance each chapter -- blending the strengths of the two professions into a readily accessible text. Among other improvements, readers will find sharper articulation of concepts and significantly more information on the organizational impact on individual and team performance. Crisis Management in Acute Care Settings is the required reference for all who are learning about, teaching, or providing acute and emergency healthcare. It will be of high value for undergraduate and graduate medical and nursing program and offer a much-needed resource for those who use high-fidelity healthcare simulation to teach teamwork.

Managing Teacher Appraisal And Performance

RRP $625.99

The biggest single issue currently facing school managers is how they should appraise their staff and what the implications of the process are. This edited collection brings together the latest thinking on the subject, from both the UK and overseas, and places it directly in the context of school management. Issues discussed include the role of appraisal in school leadership and the role of appraisal in developing teachers.
The importance of this combined with the lack of published material on the subject make this book an essential purchase for all headteachers, heads of department, INSET co-ordinators and postgraduate educational management students.

Carnal Knowledge

RRP $250.99

Carnal Knowledge is an outcome of the renewed energy and interest in moving beyond the discursive construction of reality to understand the relationship between what is conceived of as reality and materiality, described as the ""material turn."" It draws together established and emerging writers, whose research spans dance, music, film, fashion, design, photography, literature, painting and stereo-immersive VR, to demonstrate how art allows us to map the complex relations between nature and culture, between the body, language and knowledge. These writings are unique in the field because they represent the authors' commitment to a new materialism through the creative arts. The questions they address include: Does the material turn in the creative arts take a different turn from continental epistemology, philosophy and the humanities? How does the agency of matter, the material nature of artistic practice and the notion of ""truth to materials"" affect what we understand as the ""new materialism?"" In engaging with these questions the book offers perspectives on the emergence of this exciting fresh field of new materialism.


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